Getting Started

Guides to getting started with SQL Sentry software including how to connect, monitor new targets, configure settings, actions, and notes.


Getting Started Overview
This article provides an overview for getting started with your SQL Sentry Installation. Here we will list several helpful links to our documentation, blogs, and important SolarWinds account links to help guide you through the process. For info...
 SQL Sentry Onboarding
The Onboarding wizard will help you to better understand and configure features in SQL Sentry.
 Monitoring Additional Targets
When a target is added with full access, the SQL Sentry monitoring service collects Windows level metrics and provides you with full access to a performance analysis.
 Getting Started with SQL Sentry Event Calendar
An introduction to the event calendar views in SQL Sentry.
 Getting Started with SQL Sentry Performance Analysis
This article lists the main features of the varying tabs for SQL Sentry Performance Analysis.
Introducing Conditions, Actions, and Settings
Actions determine what happen when a condition is met, and settings define criteria for when a condition is considered to be met.
 Building SQL Sentry Advisory Conditions
Guide to building your own advisory conditions in SQL Sentry and modifying existing ones to meet your needs.
 Configuring Actions
The conditions displayed in the Actions pane change depending on which node or object is selected in the Navigator pane.
Configuring Settings
Settings define criteria for when a condition is considered to be met.
General Tasks
A review of common tasks performed using the SQL Sentry client.
Adding Notes
SQL Sentry notes are used to help facilitate communication between data platform team members.