DTS xChange

Complete guides for DTS xChange.


 Getting Started with DTS xChange
Guide to system requirements, installing, licensing, planning DTS to SSIS migrations, and running packages with DTS xChange.
Using DTS xChange
Guide to using DTS xChange to perform DTS to SSIS conversions. Includes working with packages, migration options and best practices, null handling, data providers, logging, DTS profiler, and reports.
DTS xChange Auditing and Monitoring
Guide to auditing and monitoring with DTS xChange; including topics on the auditing and monitoring framework as well as associated diagrams, dashboards, and reports for errors, warnings, and more.
DTS xChange Migrating
Guide to using task migration, connection migration, variable migration, and ActiveX, data pump, and data driven query tasks with DTS xChange.
DTS xChange Miscellaneous and Troubleshooting
FAQs and troubleshooting guide for DTS xChange.