DBA xPress Installation

Update:  SolarWinds DBA xPress is now a FREE tool. In versions 2021.8 and later it is a standalone product and no longer requires a license.

Download:  See the DBA xPress product page to learn more.

Installing DBA xPress

Complete the following steps to install DBA xPress on your machine:

1. Run the DBAxPress.installer installation file to display the Installation wizard. Select Next to begin the setup process.DBA xPress Setup Welcome Prompt with the Next option highlighted and selected.

2. Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement, then select Next to continue the installation.DBA xPress End-User License Agreement with the acceptance checkbox selected and the Next option highlighted.

3. Select where you want DBA xPress to be installed. The default installation folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\ SolarWinds DBA xPress\. Select Next to use the default installation folder or select Change to enter a custom destination folder and then select Ok to confirm your selection. 

DBA xPress Setup Destination Folder page displaying the default destination folder with the Next option selected and highlighted.
DBA xPress Setup Change Destination Folder page displaying an expanded destination search window with possible selections.

4. Select Install to begin the installation.DBA xPress Setup Ready to Install page with the Install option selected and highlighted.

5. Select Finish to close the DBA xPress Setup window, and open DBA xPress.DBA xPress Setup Finish page displaying a Completed Setup message with the Finish option selected and highlighted.

Success: Your DBA xPress Installation is ready to use! 

See the DBA xPress training course (Home > Courses > Data DevOps > DBA xPress) on courses.sentryone.com for free video training.