Data Grids & Filters


On the different tabs in SentryOne, various types of grids are used to display data. The grids contain information applicable to the tab they are on. These grids are customizable and provide the user with a variety of organizational methods.

Note:  Customize your available grids in SentryOne. Add additional columns to the desired grid by right clicking the column header and then selecting Column Chooser to open the Column Chooser.SentryOne Loader Backup Runs Column Chooser

Group by

Many of the grids found in SentryOne can be grouped by column fields. To group grids by column fields, drag the column to the title area of the grid. This groups all of the data into the respective categories of the column selected. The Group By function can also be used by right-clicking on the column header and selecting the option from the menu.

SentryOne Group by headerGroup the queries by dragging a header into the Group by box.

SentryOne Group by a column header

Note:  Hide the Group by box by right clicking the Group by area, and then selecting Hide Group by box from the context menu.

SentryOne Hide Group by Box


The grids that are shown in SentryOne can be sorted easily to organize data. Select the column header to automatically sort according to the values in that column.  

SentryOne Sort by Column Header

Selecting the same column again toggles between ascending and descending order for data in that field. This can also be done by right clicking the column header and selecting Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

SentryOne Sort Ascending or Descending context menu options

Note:  You can also sort rows by ascending or descending order by selecting the arrow icon on the desired column header.

SentryOne sorting selector


A filter can be used along with different sorting methods to organize data on many of the fields found on grids in SentryOne. The filters show up on applicable column headers on the top right side of the cell when the mouse is hovering over it. Choose the filter by selecting the small filter button, which brings up the filter menu options.  

SentryOne Column Filter

Filter Editor is also available by right-clicking the desired column header. This feature allows the user to specify filter conditions by typing them into the window that opens. 

SentryOne Filter Editor context menu option

Exporting Grids

Data grids found in SentryOne provide a great deal of information to the user in customizable format. Once the columns are organized as desired, the user can export the information in a variety of formats. 

To export your data, select File from the client toolbar, and then select Export Data

SentryOne File > Export Data

Give the data a file name, select the desired file type, and then select Save to save your exported data.

SentryOne Save Data As

Note:  Supported File Types include:

  • CSV Files (*.csv)
  • Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
  • Adobe Acrobat Files (*.pdf)
  • Web Pages (*.htm; *.html)

Copying Queries

Copy query cells, rows, or all data by selecting and right clicking a query, and then selecting the desired option from the context menu.

SentryOne Copying Queries

Additional Context Menu Options

Access the following additional context menu options by right-clicking a column header in any grid:

Context menu optionDescription Context menu ImageOption applied
Sort AscendingSorts the selected column by ascending order.SentryOne Sort Ascending context menuSentryOne Sort Ascending applied
Sort DescendingSorts the selected column by descending order.SentryOne Sort Descending context menuSentryOne Sort Descending applied
Clear SortingClears the sorting options for the selected column.SentryOne Clear Sorting context menuSentryOne Clear Sorting applied
Clear All SortingClears all sorting options for the selected pane.SentryOne Clear All Sorting context menuSentryOne Clear All Sorting applied
Group By This ColumnGroups the displayed information by the selected column.SentryOne Group By This Column context menuSentryOne Group By This Column applied
Show Group By BoxShows the group by box for the selected pane.SentryOne Show Group By Box context menuSentryOne Show Group By Box applied
Hide Group By BoxHides the Group by Box.SentryOne Hide Group By Box context menu optionSentryOne Hide Group By Box applied
Hide This ColumnHides the selected column.SentryOne Hide This Column context menuSentryOne Hide This Column applied
Column ChooserOpens the Column Chooser. The Column Chooser provides additional columns to sort information.SentryOne Column Chooser context menuSentryOne Column Chooser
Best FitExpands the information for the selected column.SentryOne Best Fit context menuSentryOne Best Fit applied
Best Fit (all columns)Expands the information for all columns.SentryOne Best Fit (all columns) context menuSentryOne Best Fit (all columns) applied
Filter EditorOpens the filter editor.SentryOne Filter Editor context menuSentryOne Filter Editor
Show Find PanelOpens the Find Panel. Use this panel to locate specific text within your selected pane.SentryOne Show Find Panel context menuSentryOne Show Find Panel applied
Show Auto Filter RowOpens the Auto Filter Row. Use the Auto Filter Row to add specific filters within your selected pane.SentryOne Show Auto Filter Row context menuSentryOne Show Auto Filter Row applied
Reset GridReset the grid to its default configuration.SentryOne Reset Grid context menu optionSentryOne Reset Grid applied