Guides for using conditions (general, failsafe, audit, and advisory) in SQL Sentry.


 SQL Sentry Conditions
SQL Sentry conditions describe the various states of an event object or associated performance counter.
 SQL Sentry Condition Settings
Condition Settings define rules that a condition must meet in order for the condition to be fully satisfied. Conditions describe the various states of monitored objects within your environment.
SQL Sentry Condition Filter
SQL Sentry allows you to build complex filters for the purposes of History Filtering and defining Condition Settings using the Condition Filter.
SQL Sentry Condition Events Log
How to use the Events Log for SQL Sentry conditions, including adding notes and assigning users.
SQL Sentry General Conditions
General Conditions are applicable to monitored event objects or associated performance counters and are the most common conditions that configure actions within your environment.
SQL Sentry Failsafe Conditions
Failsafe Conditions are met when there is an error detected in a SQL Sentry monitoring service or related monitoring process.
SQL Sentry Audit Conditions
Audit Conditions provide a way for you to be notified when various settings are changed, or monitored objects are modified from within the SQL Sentry client.
 SQL Sentry Advisory Conditions
SQL Sentry Advisory Conditions are a Performance Analysis feature that allows for customized alerting based on performance counter metrics, query results, and duration of events.
SQL Sentry Advisory Conditions Pack
SQL Sentry Advisory Conditions allow you to create advanced performance alerting, enhanced change detection, and advisory rule sets.
SQL Sentry Advisory Conditions on GitHub
How to download and import additional SQL Sentry advisory conditions from GitHub.