CodeSlice Installation

Download: Get a free copy of CodeSlice from Visual Studio Marketplace.

Installing CodeSlice

  1. Confirm that installation environment meets all Hardware and Software Requirements.
  2. Open the CodeSlice installer to display the Visual Studio Extension Installer.
  3. Select the version(s) of Microsoft Visual Studio on which you want to install CodeSlice.
  4. Select Install to finalize the installation. SentryOne CodeSlice VSIX Installer

Success: Once the installation completes, the selected Visual Studio editions are ready to use CodeSlice.SentryOne CodeSlice VSIX installer Installation complete

Launching CodeSlice

CodeSlice is integrated directly into your developer environment. After installing CodeSlice, right-click anywhere within the design surface of a control or data flow, and then select Insert Code Slice to begin the process of adding a slice to the currently focused control or data flow.

SentryOne CodeSlice select Insert Code Slice