Cloud Reports & Power BI

This feature is not available with Essentials licensing. If you'd like to use this feature, please visit our product licensing page to learn more.

Important:  The SentryOne Cloud Sync feature is being removed in Q1 of 2020. As a result, all Cloud Sync databases will be deleted from the cloud.

In January 2020, we're replacing Cloud Sync with a more robust browser-based portal which shares the UI experience of the SentryOne Monitor solution. If you're a current Cloud Sync user, we encourage you to check out the SentryOne Portal design through the SentryOne Monitor documentation.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you'd like to check out the SentryOne Portal now, please contact our support team at

Enabling Power BI in your Cloud Environment

The SentryOne Cloud offers compatibility with Power BI.  Extract your data directly from the SentryOne Cloud to Power BI to create Power BI reports, customize your dashboard, create new dashboards, or query your data (including Natural Language queries). Enable a Power BI connection for your SentryOne Cloud environment by completing the following steps:

1. Log in to SelectSentryOne Cloud Cog iconby your username, and then select Details and Sharing.

SentryOne Cloud select Details and Sharing

2. Select Power BI, and then log into your Power BI account.

SentryOne Cloud select Power BI
Select Power BI

Log into your Power BI account
Log in to your Power BI account

3. Select Get Services in your Power BI workspace, and then select the SentryOne app.

Select Get Services in your workspace
Get Services

Download the SentryOne app in your Power BI
Download the SentryOne app

4. Enter your SentryOne Database ID and select Next. Select Sign in to open the SentryOne account login page. 

Enter your SentryOne Database ID
Enter your Database ID

Select Sign in
Select Sign in

5. Enter your SentryOne account information to login to your account.

Log in to your SentryOne Cloud account

6. Unselect the permissions you do not wish to grant, and then select Yes, Allow to finish the setup process.

SentryOne Power BI select Yes, Allow

Success: The SentryOne App is now installed and ready to use on your Power BI workspace!

SentryOne Power BI app downloaded

Additional Information: For detailed information about navigating Power BI, see Power BI documentation.

SentryOne Power Bi App Reports

View detailed information about your sever environment through several reports in the SentryOne Power BI app. The following Reports are available :  

Sever Health Overview

SentryOne Power BI app Server Health Overview

Server Health Events

SentryOne Power BI app Server Health Events

Server Availability 

SentryOne Power BI app Server Availability

Server Health - Memory & CPU

SentryOne Power BI app Server Health - Memory & CPU

Disk Space

SentryOne Power BI app Disk Space