Database Sharing

This feature is not available with Essentials licensing. If you'd like to use this feature, please visit our product licensing page to learn more.

Important:  The SentryOne Cloud Sync feature is being removed in Q1 of 2020. As a result, all Cloud Sync databases will be deleted from the cloud.

In January 2020, we're replacing Cloud Sync with a more robust browser-based portal which shares the UI experience of the SentryOne Monitor solution. If you're a current Cloud Sync user, we encourage you to check out the SentryOne Portal design through the SentryOne Monitor documentation.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you'd like to check out the SentryOne Portal now, please contact our support team at

Sharing Your Cloud Database

Share your cloud database by accessing the Database Details page on From the selected database Overview page, select the Launch Database icon SentryOne Cloud Cog icon, and then select Details and Sharing.

SentryOne Cloud Details & Sharing From the Details and Sharing window, locate the Database Sharing section.

SentryOne Cloud Database DetailsShare your database with either an existing user or a non-member. Restrict which servers are visible to users who share your database. 

Sharing With an Existing User

Share your database with an existing user, through email or their username. The existing user receives an email letting them know that you've shared a database with them, and the next time they log in they have access to the shared database.

SentryOne Cloud Database SharingShare with an existing user through Cloud Username or Email

Note:  View the Sharing status of your Cloud database in the Shared With: section.

SentryOne Cloud Database Sharing Shared With

Sharing With a New User

Share your database with a non-member, by entering their email address. This sends an invite to register on through email, and once they complete the registration process, they have access to the shared database.

SentryOne Cloud Database Sharing Share with a new userEnter a new Email

Sharing with an Organization

Share your database with all members of an organization. Select the desired organization from the Share with Organization drop-down menu, and then select Share to send email invitations to all users in the organization.

SentryOne Cloud Database Sharing Share with OrganizationShare with an Organization  

Granting Owner Permissions

Granting a user Owner permissions gives them full visibility to the Cloud database, and allows them to share that view with other users. To Grant Owner permissions to a user, select the Grant owner permissions checkbox, enter the desired user, and then select Share.

SentryOne Cloud Database Sharing Grant owner permissions

Restricting Visibility of Servers

SentryOne supports restricting server visibility in the cloud through the application of Rights Based Security. With Rights Based Security, assign a user a limited set of visible sites, target groups, or instances

Note:  Rights configured for a user in the SentryOne client are honored in the cloud.

To restrict what a shared user has access to, create a user in the SentryOne client and restrict their rights using Rights Based Security. That user then becomes available in the Link to SentryOne Client User drop-down list while sharing.

SentryOne Cloud Database Sharing Link to Client user

Note:  When creating a user for cloud sharing purposes, it isn't necessary for the user to have a SQL Server login.