BI xPress Data Generation

EOL: Bi xPress reached its end of life date on June 15, 2022. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.


BI xPress Data Generation IconData Generation helps the BI developer create a comprehensive, error free, and resilient business intelligence solution. Data Generation investigates a database table schema and offers options about populating the investigated column with data. These options might include inserting values at the minimum and maximum allowed values for the column and using NULL values.

Feature Highlights

  • Automatically generate valid data for a given schema
  • Handle foreign key integrity for generated data
  • Configurable volume of data

Using Data Generation

1. Select Data Generation to open the Data Generation page. Select Target tables to open the Connect to Database window. BI xPress Data Generation Target Tables

2. Enter a new server connection, or select an existing connection from the drop down list. Select your security method, and enter the applicable credentials. Select the desired database from the drop-down list. Select Ok to save your selection, and begin loading tables.BI xPress Connect To Database window

3. Select the Target tables area to open the Add Table window. Select the table(s) where you want to add data, then select OK.

BI xPress Data Generation Target Tables select table
BI xPress Data Generation Add Table window

Note:  Data Generation automatically adds the required tables for your selection.BI xPress Data Generation Automatically Added Tables prompt

4. Select No data providers yet to open the Add Data Source window. BI xPress Data Generation Shared Data Providers

Note:  If you are only generating data for one table, you don't need to select a data provider. If you are generating data for multiple tables with multiple foreign key relationships, you must select a data provider to maintain referential integrity.

5. Select a data source from the drop-down list. Select your data provider, enter a meaningful name for the provider, and then specify the database connection. 

6. Enter the query to retrieve primary and foreign keys, and any other columns that would be required. Select Test to make sure your query can retrieve the results, and then select OK to save your selections.BI xPress Data Generation Add Data Source window

7. Select the table that uses the selected column as its foreign key in the overview tab to open the table and display its columns and their options.BI xPress Data Generation Table Options

8. Select Edit next to the column that needs to reference a column in the data provider query. Select Add New from the Data Source drop-down menu, and then select your added data provider. 

9. Select the Output drop-down list, and then select the column that's returned by the data provider that corresponds with the column in the table.BI xPress Data Generation Table Output

Note:  You can edit the table options. Options include using existing data, removing all data before it's generated, changing the number of rows generated, and changing the batch size.

10. Select Generate Data to begin generating data in your selection(s).BI xPress Data Generation Generate Data toolbar option

Note:  This table must exist in the target database to generate data.