Amazon Web Services

Guides cover deploying the image, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) monitoring through SQL Sentry, and getting started with SQL Sentry on AWS.


Getting Started: SQL Sentry Platform on AWS
The SQL Sentry platform solution is available on the AWS Marketplace . For information about Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Monitoring Through SQL Sentry, see the AWS EC2 article . Support For support, please visit This PDF outlines ...
AWS Security
Guide to AWS Security with SentryOne, featuring an overview, common security questions, and links to security guidance and best practices for securing your AWS resources.
AWS Availability and Maintenance
Guide to availability, health checks, backup and recovery, and routine and emergency maintenance for SentryOne's AWS solution.
 AWS RDS for SQL Server
Overview of adding and monitoring an AWS RDS for SQL Server target via SQL Sentry.
AWS Elastic Compute Cloud
Step-by-step guide to Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) monitoring through SentryOne, from spinning up your EC2 instances to completing the SentryOne installation.