Guides for SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) license management, architecture, security, maintenance, advanced configuration and setup, PowerShell, and more.


Guides to the SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) architecture (database, monitoring service, and client), objects placed on watched targets, and integration points with other products.


Guides for all SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) security topics (e.g. rights-based, role-based, the monitoring service and client, Azure, pass-through authentication, monitoring across domains, and more).


How to plan for the growth of the SentryOne database and maintain it for performance.


Guides for advanced topics with SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) such as using system parameters, applying data compression, using extended events, removing watched objects, using mail, and more.


Connecting to an Installation
When using the Connect menu, you can control the active database for the locally installed SentryOne monitoring service and client.
License Management
Licensing Models SentryOne is generally licensed per each individually monitored target . This includes products for Windows Server, SQL Server, Analysis Services, VMware, and Azure SQL DB. Win Sentry, and V Sentry can be licensed per core; th...
Add Users and Groups
How to create and maintain users and groups for notification purposes in SQL Sentry.
Telemetry on SentryOne  At SentryOne, we've worked closely with our user community and the SQL Server community to gain insight from interviews, conversations, and our experiences from working with SQL Server over the years. We want to con...
SMTP Settings
Configuring SMTP Settings in SentryOne To configure SMTP  settings in SentryOne, open the Navigator  pane ( View  > Navigator ), and then select the Global Settings node ( Configuration  > Global Settings ) to open ...
SentryOne PowerShell Module Updated
Introduction to the PowerShell module for SentryOne along with some example scripts.
Least Privilege General Performance Monitoring
For an overview of the performance monitoring features available with the SentryOne Event Calendar, see the Scheduling Performance Monitoring topic.  It's possible to collect Performance Counter  data in SentryOne Event Calenda...
Monitoring Service Logon Account
Warnings and Notes Running the Service Configuration Utility  is the only supported way of changing the stored monitoring service credentials. Changing the security account using the services applet in the Windows Control Panel causes...
Stop Watching Targets
You can use PowerShell to stop watching targets . See the PowerShell Module article for more information. Stop Watching Enable Watching and Stop Watching on the targets  within your server environment. If you choose to Stop Watch...
Relocating the SentryOne Database
Instructions for moving the SentryOne Database to a different instance of SQL Server.