Adding Notes

Notes help to facilitate communication between team members. Notes can be used for change tracking, resolution history, and a variety of other functions. You can set notes to be included in any future notifications generated for an object, and to be displayed for all calendar instances of an object. Both of these features are valuable for sharing escalation procedures, recovery steps, emergency contact information, etc., with other team members.

The notes interface can be reached through a variety of context menus in the SQL Sentry client just about anywhere that you can act on an event object or event instance. Access the notes interface by pressing CTRL + ALT + N when an applicable object is selected.

SQL Sentry Add/Edit Note window example

Note:  When adding a note, if any failures exist for the selected event object, you will be prompted to clear them.

Usern/aDisplays the current window's username.
Titlen/aThe subject of the note that appears in the selection list.
Noten/aThe body of the note that can't be blank. 
Select Existing Note to Viewn/aEnable this setting to include the note with any notifications related to the object.
Show for All Calendar Instancesn/aEnable this setting to show the note information in the pop-up of every event instance of the object.
NewCTRL+NCreates a new note.
SaveCTRL+SSaves the current note.
DeleteCTRL+DTo delete a note, select the desired note from the list, and then select Delete
CloseCTRL+CCloses the window.

Additional Information: For information about adding/editing notes for events in the Calendar view, see the Failed Instances topic.