SQL Sentry Actions Log


SQL Sentry includes an interface for viewing, sorting, and filtering log and notes information.

The Actions Log is where information can be viewed relating to: 

  • General actions 
  • Failsafe actions  
  • Audit actions
  • Advisory actions

Select Actions Log in the Navigator pane to open the Log: Actions Log window.

Select the Actions Log in the Navigator

Note:  Whenever a condition is configured with the Log to Database action, information related to that condition can also be viewed in the Actions Log.

Log Filter

Actions Log Filter Criteria

Filter Criteria manages results displayed in the Actions Log. Search for a specific log entry by narrowing the selection criteria to be displayed in the log list by using Filter Criteria.

AfterEnables the filter to only show logs with an event time after the specified time in the date/time selection controls.
BeforeEnables the filter to only show logs with an event time before the specified time in the date/time selection controls.
Object NameFilters the log list by applying a like comparison to the specified value to the value stored in the Object Name field.
Parent NameFilters the log list by applying a like comparison to the specified value to the value stored in the Parent Name field.
ContainsNarrows the log list to the entries with the specified value in the message text.
Log TypeSpecify the type of actions to display in the log list.
ConditionsFilters for a specific condition category.
ActionFilters for a specific action category.
RefreshUsed to refresh the list of logs and date/time filter.
Apply FilterUsed to apply Filter Criteria settings and refresh the log list.
Reset FilterUsed to remove the filter applied to the log list.
PageUsed to show the current display page of results and how many pages are in the log list.
FirstMove to the first page of log results.
PreviousMove to the previous page of log results.
NextMove to the next page of log results.
LastMove to the last page of log results.

Log List

The log list shows all log records retrieved. To sort a list, select a header.

Note:  Records cannot be edited; however, notes can be added. 

SQL Sentry Actions Log List View

Log TimeDisplays the time the action was fired for the event.
Event TimeDisplays the start time for the event.
Object TypeDisplays the object type for the event.
Object NameContains the name of the object for the event.
Parent Object NameContains the name of the parent object for the event.
ConditionCaptures the condition that caused the event.
ActionCaptures the action that caused the event.

Notes Log List

Even though notes are considered a logged object, the properties are somewhat different than the logs for other events. Thus, the log list columns vary in order to reflect these differences.

Actions Log Event and Object Notes

Log TimeDate/time note is created.
User NameName of the user that created the note.
Object NameThe object name that the note references.
Parent Object NameThe name of the parent object that the note references.
Note TextContains the note message text.
Note TitleContains the title or subject of the note.
CalendarCaptures the condition that caused the event.
NotificationsCaptures the action that caused the event.

Message Window

The Message window is located at the bottom portion of the view, and contains a read-only area, displaying the log messages. To add or edit notes to an event instance, right-click on the desired row in the list, and then select the option to Add/Edit Notes to open the note editor.

Log Actions Log Add Edit Notes
Add Edit Notes window