Guides for all available actions and their related settings and rulesets in SQL Sentry.


 SQL Sentry Actions & Alerts Overview
An overview of actions and alerts in SQL Sentry, including the overall hierarchy.
 SQL Sentry Alerting and Response System Settings
How to use alert settings to avoid alert fatigue with SQL Sentry.
 SQL Sentry Actions
A complete guide to all of the available actions in SQL Sentry monitoring solution.
SQL Sentry SQL Server Settings
Guide to SQL Server level settings in SQL Sentry.
SQL Sentry SQL Server Analysis Services Settings
Guide to SSAS target settings in SQL Sentry.
SQL Sentry Windows Settings
Guide to Windows target settings in SQL Sentry.
 SQL Sentry Message Editing
How to edit and customize messages generated in SQL Sentry.
 SQL Sentry Response Rulesets
Guide to using the response rulesets in SQL Sentry, including count based and time based.
SQL Sentry Output Content Match
How to assign an action based on a match of the output text in SQL Sentry.